Dirk Knemeyer

Soren 5.0

My young son turned five recently, bringing to a close a wonderful year in his life. In terms of my relationship with him, it was a particularly good year as his “Mommy only or bust” evolved into “Mommy’s my #1

Soren 3.0

My youngest son turned three years old on Monday. It goes so quickly, which is trite to say yet so pointedly true. Perhaps the most interesting thing about watching Soren develop are the behaviours that seem firmly rooted in birth

Soren 2.0

My youngest son is now a full two years old! Much of Soren’s first two years was filled with his jolly disposition and infectious enthusiasm. He ate whatever he was served with fervor and threw himself physically into situations with

To 2013!

The highlights that I will remember: * Brandon graduated from high school, started university, and announced he would be a father (and, me, a grandfather) * Alexander and I explored universities for him to consider * Soren took his first