Dirk Knemeyer

The US debut of Spotify

The US debut of Spotify, July 19, 2011

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The big news last week was the US debut of Spotify, the Swedish music streaming site already popular overseas, became available in the United States to great hue and cry. It certainly is an interesting service—Sean Parker first told me about it a couple years ago, and based on the early hype, it certainly appears equal to the enthusiasm he had for it when enthusing about its potential. Personally, I’m not interested in Spotify. While it has a lot going for it in both conception and design, there are many cool music services such as Pandora and Last.fm, that I enjoy before going back to my iTunes catalogue. Now, while I may turn out to be like an old record collector, hopelessly tied to my outdated technology because I’ve already bought it all and like it just fine, I’m a little skeptical that Spotify is going to do what Amazon, Pandora, Last.fm and so many others were unable to do, even remotely threaten Apple’s stranglehold over digital music. It would be interesting to be wrong on this one, and lord knows I used to pine for music rental instead of purchase back when iTunes was first getting popular, but with Apple’s hopefully competent iCloud product soon to be released, I suspect it will be too little, too late for the trendy Swedish upstart.