Dirk Knemeyer

The state of mHealth

The state of mHealth, June 30, 2014

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I think with the software on these services, one of the big things that they missed, we’re nowhere near solving for this although I sure as hell wish we were is that we’re all different, that the [mHealth] software is not designed for different personality types. The way that someone would exploit this software who is a runner versus the way someone like me would exploit it who is a knowledge worker behind a desk for many, many hours a day are just radically different. Not just because of those tasks that we choose to do but because of the type of people that we are that lead us to spending our time in our lives doing the things that we do. We have this one homogeneous piece of software that’s just cranking out sort of the same data in the same way and come what may.

What we need are solutions that are designed for the lifestyle of individuals. I could tell you Google and Apple are going to be nowhere near getting us closer to that for a decade plus. That’s where the hard stuff is, that’s where the usefulness quotient also cranks up although I want to make sure we’re not, for our listeners, conflating the sort of quantified self devised daily monitoring stuff with the bigger vision of what Google and Apple are trying to do because what they’re trying to do as tendrils into how far beyond sort of the quantified self kicking us.