Dirk Knemeyer

The rise of Salesforce

The rise of Salesforce, April 5, 2011

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Last week Salesforce purchased social media monitoring company Radian 6 for 326 million dollars. The growth and evolution of Salesforce reminds me of a much younger Oracle, a company that clearly has momentum and breadth, but has garbage products that people inexplicably use and champion as if they are actually good, all while acquiring other companies at a steady rate. Why is Salesforce doing well? It is terrible, terrible software. I’ve considered it for my own companies at least twice, most recently just last month. It is, at best, comparable to open-source option SugarCRM, which is itself not good software. And speaking of good software, Salesforce smugly talks about, quote, “no more software”, unquote. But guess what idiots? You are software! Just because you are served up in a browser, a store the data in a cloud, that doesn’t mean you aren’t software anymore. Anyway, I’ve apparently used the Radian 6 purchase simply to be an excuse for a mini rant, but it is a mini rant that is well-deserved. Salesforce is such an emperor with no clothes, I’m genuinely confused as to why they continue to thrive.