Dirk Knemeyer

The mainstreaming of The Quantified Self

The mainstreaming of The Quantified Self, December 30, 2011

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Something that surprised me over the last year, over 2011, has been sort of a lack of awareness of the Quantified Self. A good friend of mine Joshua Kauffman is a major part of that, and he and I talk about it and when we’re talking we think the whole world knows of it and is interested in it and is inspired by it, but the reality of it is, as over this last year I’ve been doing a lot of fund-raising, a ton of networking, as I’ve moved into a new market, and because I’m so interested in this stuff I say to people, “what do you think of the Quantified Self” and most people have never heard of it! It’s been absolutely shocking to me. So I think 2012 is definitely the year where this peaks, it breaks through, and this whole world of Spime, Quantified Self, The Internet of Things, all comes front and forward.