Dirk Knemeyer

The IT industry boom

The IT industry boom, December 30, 2011

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So my [prediction for 2012] is that the IT industry will keep booming, and we’ve seen—or at least I’ve seen over the last 12 months—we came out of that recession just firing as the economy got better, even on wobbly legs, the IT industry just, boom, it took off and I don’t think its going to stop. I still have some concerns about the macro economic situation, but I think that we, as an industry, are going to be in really good shape into the indefinite future, and if I had to credit something for it I think it’s all about the mobile and the tablets. Computing has moved from this thing that’s important to businesses in sort of a core infrastructure way and has a role in the home in terms of a corner of the home that people go and huddle in periodically to do things to being integrated into our every moment of every day lives.

It’s incredible to me as I drive down the road and—I’m not going to be hypocritical because I’m sometimes guilty of these things too—but virtually every freaking car I pass the person next to me is on a device. They’re like looking through it, glancing down, you can see them using it! And it’s gotten to the point where I always look because I’m really curious in sort of a sociological way, like, “how widespread is this”? Seemingly everyone is just locked and tethered to their device. Computing has become integral and central to most of the moments of all of our lives, not just in the industry but in a more mainstream way, and I think it’s that permeation that is going to result in our industry just booming and booming and booming. I think it’s a great time to be in hi-tech.