Dirk Knemeyer

Success of iPad

Success of iPad, January 25, 2010

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Tomorrow is the expected announcement of the new Apple “tablet” computer. Predictions for this device are all over the map, ranging from a “true” tablet computer, down to an oversized iPhone, and everything in between. I don’t have any inside information about Apple, but I think I have a pretty good idea what this new device is going to be. And if I’m wrong, Apple may just be releasing their first major lemon in a really long time.

I expect the new Apple device to be a “Kindle killer:” a device that leverages the iPhone OS in a larger and more versatile interface that is optimized for buying, transferring and consuming content. I hardly think it will limit itself to simply books or magazines; I expect this to be a next-generation media consumption device, to beautifully handle video and to incorporate gaming at least inasmuch as the iPhone does currently and quite likely even more.

[…] Once you consider the Apple device must, then, be smaller than a laptop the only proven market opportunity is that which the Kindle is currently dominating: a “tweener” device that cannot replace a laptop but is great for people who are on the move, or who want to leverage the benefits of digital technology to replace some of their old analog reading and communicating habits. The business model is proven; this is one of the hottest product categories out there and Apple has yet to jump in it.