Dirk Knemeyer

Research In Motion’s chair-sharing

Research In Motion’s chair-sharing, July 26, 2011

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I’ve criticized Research In Motion, the maker of Blackberry devices before, but they have absolutely topped themselves now. As you may remember from previous episodes, RIM has two CEOs. They are co-CEOs of the company. They are also both chairman of the company. Those are two people sharing two roles, each of which should only have one occupant. But, alright, whatever, that’s old news. Now today RIM has announced that they are going to have, drumroll please, co-COOs. That’s right, not content with illogically bifurcating their most important corporate post, by god they’re going to do the same damn thing with the number two position as well. It’s like Joe Germaine and Stanley Jackson trying to share the starting quarterback job for the 1996 Ohio State Buckeyes and then crapping out in the Michigan game. It ain’t gonna work. RIM has become, frankly, sad. Even as I’ve criticized them I’ve been cheering them on privately, hoping they refocus on the enterprise and carve out a nice, protectable long-term niche for themselves. But these guys are morons. Co-CEOs, Co-chairmen and Co-COOs? I suspect even the Kardashians could puzzle out a better corporate structure than this disaster. It’s frankly embarrassing, and there’s no doubt that the seed of it is in some weird combination of power, ego, entitlement and dysfunctional corporate politics. Oh, and guess what? They’re now laying off 2,000 people even as they their obese executive suite. I find it even humiliating to talk about this stuff. Good luck with all that chair-sharing guys.