Dirk Knemeyer

On Zynga’s purchase of Flock

On Zynga’s purchase of Flock, January 11, 2011

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Facebook gaming giant Zynga purchased Flock recently. Once a web 2.0 darling, Flock crashed into obscurity once it was clear that it could not keep up with the bigger browser provides once those competitors began catching up to the new web application paradigm. This is Zynga’s 8th purchase in 8 months, and something tells me the meteoric upstart has its sights set on something more than just a massive Facebook gaming empire. In purchasing a browser Zynga has acquired a potential content delivery platform, one that will enable them to untether from Facebook and serve their highly profitable games without the Pal Alto middleman. Time will tell what Zynga really has planned, but I, for one, and skeptical of their ability to really parlay doing one relatively simple thing very well into some greater degree of online primacy.