Dirk Knemeyer

Government Response to Corporate Malfeasance

Government Response to Corporate Malfeasance, October 1, 2015

The companies that violated will get a slap on the wrist. Everything will just keep rolling on. It would be interesting to see if, when there’s massive corporate malfeasance like this, with some of the things going on in Wall Street before the recession or during the recession happened, things like this, to see some companies killed. Kill them, what the hell.

There’s a point where what that thing is doing is just like jail, right. We’ll throw people in jail for their whole lives, but companies, boy, oh boy, they can get away with whatever they want and just keep going on even though it has the potential to harm billions or in this case perhaps even trillions of people, so it’s also broken. I’m not going to predict what the government’s going to do. What I will predict is say that the government either will do nothing or will do something that’s horrible and wrong, but there is near zero chance that they both do something and they do something that is appropriate and helpful to the situation and round and round we go.