Dirk Knemeyer

On Google’s “Do no evil” motto

On Google’s “Do no evil” motto, December 9, 2010

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Speaking of the Mountainview behemoth, analysts are taking note of Google’s increasingly tenuous position of attempting to “objectively” serve up search results while being a content producer of its own. With Google Editions, their online bookselling service now live in the United States, they have yet another vested interest that will increasingly compel difficult conversations inside the Googleplux between the starry-eyed idealists and the project managers fighting to get more marketshare.

Related, Google announced last week that they are now acting more quickly to remove pirated content and even manipulating the auto complete feature to redact piracy related search terms. Now, we all rolled our eyes while keeping a sliver of hope that Google’s high-minded principles might manifest a different kind of business, but it is increasingly clear Google is in a moral freewill that puts lockstep with the notorious companies of the past. Every day and in different ways Google feels more and more like the Microsoft of the 1990s or Standard Oil of the 1870s or the Hearst publishing empire in its often dishonest attempts to actually segregate the news and advertising departments. We shouldn’t pile on Google though, this is what lightly-regulated capitalism is. Survival goes to the most determined, callous and shrewd. Newcomers think they can do it in another way, but sooner or later they knuckle under. Google might as well simply embrace it and stop the duplicity inherent in their failing attempts to reach the higher ground.