Dirk Knemeyer

On bookmarks and newsfeeds

On bookmarks and newsfeeds, December 22, 2010

A short comment contextualizing the prediction could go right here

While I suspect del.icio.us will be saved by Yahoo proper or some spinoff or appropriation, the fact that Yahoo has deemed this property deserving of euthanasia reflects the changes the web has undergone since del.ici.us has debuted in 2003. We’re moving away from the desktop browser and into mobile apps. We’re moving away from bookmarks and newsfeed and onto social networks. As much as del.icio.us was an important step, and even as it maintains an impressive user base and following, it is already a relic. The digital life moves very quickly and it doesn’t take long to being the darling of the tech intelligentsia to a product deserving of, quote-unquote, “sunsetting”, by a second-tier internet powerhouse. Thanks for the memories, del.icio.us.