Dirk Knemeyer

Mind-to-computer control

Mind-to-computer control, December 22, 2010

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Ok so now that we’ve previewed what listeners can expect next, well, let’s get a little crazy and make some predictions for the farther future. Now let’s have each of us make one prediction, something people won’t necessarily expect, but let’s put a date to it, let’s not just wave our hands and gesticulate, let’s put our flag in the ground and say “this is something I really believe and this is where it’s going to happen”. I’ll kick it off. The one that I want to predict is that mind-to-computer control coming to mainstream devices is going to happen by 2013. So, what do I mean by “mind-to-computer control”? At a mainstream level right now the most sophisticated human-computer interaction device is the Kinect, which we talked about earlier, where your body has become the controller. But where we’re heading is to a world where your mind is going to control a computer. This goes back a number of years—I wanna say it was six years ago—when Sony submitted a whole raft of patents for this technology, the mind-to-computer control. It’s going to be the next big thing, and we’re not even there yet so this is why this is a little farther off. When you’re using your console, playing video games, or just using the computer, for the everyday worker, for the more advanced worker, one whose using Solidworks, or pro engineer or something really hardcore—we’re going to be wearing something on our head and we’re going to be thinking what we’re going to be seeing on the screen. And I think we’re going to begin to see that in really ways, meaning that they’re going to be shipping products that real people, not just the wealthy, but that real people are buying by 2013. That’s my big future prediction.