Dirk Knemeyer

Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store, July 19, 2011

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On the other end of the spectrum, Microsoft announced plans to open at least 75 new retail stores over the next three years. Now, to be fair, I was very skeptical of Apple’s plans for retail stores ten years ago, and needless to say they’ve turned out to be a smash hit. But, Microsoft stores? Man, where is the juice there? Who is going to hang out somewhere looking at Acer computers? Or at Windows Phone 7 devices with dismal 3.8% marketshare? Maybe they’re hoping their Xbox platform and industry-leading Kinect user interface will put the asses in the seats? Or maybe they have some gnarly tech plan that will be a game-changer? Maybe Microsoft will surprise and impress me and other opinion makers who will be crucial to their success, but, based on the available data, I just ain’t seein’ it.