Dirk Knemeyer

Internet TV

Internet TV, December 30, 2011

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My [prediction for 2012] is that internet TV finally takes off, and this isn’t a really exciting prediction either, because as I’ve been going through tech websites in the last week or so it’s a prediction I’ve been seeing a lot, but it’s important and so I want to say it too. We’ve reached a point now where these companies, Apple and Google and Microsoft and Cisco, from the computing space, are going after the living room for well over a decade. Nobody’s done it well, still haven’t don’t it well as of today. But I think 2012 is finally going to be the year. You know, Google TV had their initial hiccups and now it looks like they’re going to launch with some more success this year. Apple—finally ready to make a big play, rumored with their own hardware device, and that should certainly be game-changing. Microsoft—things they’ve done with the Kinect with the really innovative interfaces, their long-term penetration with the 360, and now with things they’re doing on the computing side, it looks like that could all come together. So I and a lot of the tech press are telling you to look out for 2012—internet TV finally takes off.