Dirk Knemeyer

Instagram’s user interface

Instagram’s user interface, January 17, 2010

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While we’re on the topic of hot properties, most of you have seen pictures posted by somebody on “Instagram”, the so-called “Twitter for pictures”. This is another hockey stick-dwelling property, but, I for one don’t buy it. Their brand is heavily dependent on a Polaroid brand analogy, replete with interfaces that are styled in that very retro way. Friends, that is an almost and fairly unpredictable horse to hitch your star onto. Remember the PT Cruiser? It was the automobile version of Instagram. A brand built solely on nostalgia and the style of a near-ancient yesteryear. Well, after some initial excitement, popularity and success, Chrysler found nobody wanted to buy PT Cruisers anymore. Why? The novelty had worn off. It was a crappy car. All it had going for it was the uniqueness and nostalgia that was only interesting to people for about a minute. While Instagram is fine service, the experience for the viewer is all about the old photo style kind of look. Cute and quaint? Sure. But they better be ready to pivot because I, for one, hate clicking into Instagram photos at this point, hating the tiny pictures surrounded by that giant, heavily themed retro border. Enough is enough, guys.