Dirk Knemeyer

Hewlett Packard’s tablet device

Hewlett Packard’s tablet device, January 11, 2010

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Last week Hewlett-Packard announced a San Franciso based web OS event for February 9th. Speculation has them unveiling their much-ballyhooed tablet device as the event. I have to say these “events” held by tech companies to debut new feel trite to the point of desperate. Yes they are a big smash for Apple cause people compare about what Apple is doing in these spaces. But when important but boring companies attempt to replicate the formula, it feels at best trite, and at worst desperate. Does anyone really expect to launch a difference-making product at this event? Their tablet in the best case will be better than the iPad in some ways, and worse in others. Big yawn. Even if it is the “best” tablet in the market for ten minutes, it is hardly worth of the faux gravitas that marketers at HP will surely give it.