Dirk Knemeyer

Google’s Nexus S

Google’s Nexus S, December 9, 2010

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The smartphone wars heated up again Monday as Google announced its second Google branded smartphone, the Nexus S. Early returns were very positive, with the Nexus S leaping past other current Android devices to be the standard-bearer for that particular platform. However, while a desirable phone, it is not measurably superior to the iPhone 4, and presumable, the best Windows Phone devices. Google touted the openness of the Android platform and suggested Apple and Microsoft would do well to follow a more open path, however, as high minded as their approach might seem, so far it has just resulted in Android phones being inundated with with so-called “crapplets” and otherwise proving less useful for everyday users. Similar how PCs with Windows pre-installed used to be chocked with awful software cluttering up the desktop, browser and hard drive, Google seems to be taking this decidedly user-unfriendly even as the Redmond behemoth embraces Apple’s strategy of carefully moderated and designed platforms. Nonetheless, Google’s continuing to foray into consumer hardware is an exciting development in the more meta battle for computer supremacy.