Dirk Knemeyer

Evolution of web design

Evolution of web design, January 1, 2006

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One of the results of the rise of the web was an enormous influx of new design and technology professionals, most of whom had no background with software and applications, having only worked on websites and relatively lightweight web-based products during their career. That is unfortunate, because as Web 2.0 increasingly behaves like a dynamic software application, the designers, engineers, researchers, and other stakeholders do not have the experience solving the more application-based problems that software professionals have long-since mastered.

Rather than focus on inventing new approaches to solving these challenges we should take a look at the thoughtful work done in the past, and use that wisdom as a starting point. So instead of trying to understand Web 2.0 through technology like Ajax or Flex that will soon be obsolete, we should consider learning more about software design.