Dirk Knemeyer

Emerging technologies

Emerging technologies, December 31, 2013

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But the changes that are coming now in the next decade or two are changes that are going to really alter the world beyond just giving us a lot information and goodies in the palm of our hand. What we’re talking about here is designing our young, is having the ability genetically to select out negative genetic traits and potentially, depending how the ethical conversations go and how it trickles into the legal realm of design in positive traits for people who are yet to be born.

We’ll also be able to drastically alter ourselves genetically in adulthood, I’m expecting, I’m 40, I’m expecting there’s a reasonable chance that during my life I’ll be able to genetically be treated to avoid cancer. I think that is a very, very real possibility in my life and that’s just sort of the most extreme tip of the iceberg in ways much smaller and many. We’re going to have the opportunity to genetically change our constitution in was that are really dramatic, you know the personal drones which we hear about military drones but personal drones are more and more showing up.

I just read a story on Al Jazeera this week in fact about a personal drone that got chopped off his owner’s head, it was a horrible mishap, of course but it’s a personal drone by somebody whose using it on a public space in New York and due to a malfunction and being that this thing is so powerful it decapitated him. We’re heading towards a world where not just these military things off in far away places but really in the spaces that we inhabit are going to be very dangerous technologies, very dangerous robots of a certain type.

We’re heading towards everyday cyborgs, we also Oscar Pistorius in the Olympics, the last summer Olympics and that is just a very relatively rudimentary cyborgism. We’re headed towards a much more rich integration of biological tissue, organic tissue with digital technology and robotics. We all have, of course too, have heard the Google self guided cars, self guided cars are on the way too. Ten years from now some percentage of us with … Death percentage being a large one, I’m guessing you’ll have to opt out of the self guided cars. Although I’m guessing that opt out will be available but I think a good deal of us who are more progressive and tech driven, we’re not going to be driving ourselves around anymore. We’re going to be sitting and reading a book or doing something else while the vehicle just takes us there.

These again are all things that are really long gestation period, now we’ve been introduced to an increasingly rich forms of media but they are about to be upon us and the way it will physically transform the world is far beyond what the Internet did from an informational and media perspective. We’re talking about real structural shifts in the environments that we inhabit.