Dirk Knemeyer

Cord-cutting and cable companies

Cord-cutting and cable companies, December 9, 2010

A short comment contextualizing the prediction could go right here

I’ve always been ahead of the curve in progressive approaches to a connected life. I had a second dedicated internet phone line that did not share or split from the actual phone installed way back in 1993. I dumped having a real phone and only used my cell for all calls starting back in 1999. Now I’m cutting the cord at the very front end of this wave as well. This difference this time is that I’m not sure the future will support cord cutting as a good choice. Cable and satellite companies are single-minded in their attempts to retain their old income streams which cord cutting is decidedly in opposition too. So, while for the moment I’m enjoying living la vida cordless, I’m wondering if it will be quite as cushy of a deal in a year or three.