Dirk Knemeyer

AOL’s acquisition of About.me

AOL’s acquisition of About.me, December 22, 2010

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Four day old startup, about.me a custom profile and personal analytics dashboard, was purchased by AOL yesterday. Yes, you heard that right, four day old. While in truth the startup was much ballyhooed for some time, the site was only live for a scant four days before the once-dominant internet behemoth scooped it up. The concept behind about.me is a good one, but it is a solution that really needs to come from an entrenched tech giant that people are already using in their digital life, not a random startup. And, enter AOL. I suspect AOL is the wrong destination and thus what about.me strives to do will instead be mainstreamed by someone else… say, Google or Facebook. Still, kudos to the about.me team for what must be a near-record-breaking buyout success.