Dirk Knemeyer

Amazon’s tablet device

Amazon’s tablet device, July 19, 2011

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Amazon’s plan to release a color-screened Android tablet this October finally went mainstream. Amazon remains the clear leader in eBooks and eBook readers despite the excitement over Barnes & Noble’s Nook and its potential, first as a hacked Android tablet and more recently as a fully-designed tablet product. Amazon has the brand name, the marketshare, and dominates people’s mindshare when it comes to buying reading material online. While it would be the best if they could be the most innovative and progressive device supplier as well, all they really need to do is hold serve to win the category, at least against other book-related competitors. Anyway, the real virtue of Amazon’s new tablet is not improving their position relative to other book-related companies, but to better compete in all forms of content and distribution, with music, movies, their cloud storage service, among many others. Whether or not we should excited about this device will only be clear when we actually see what it has to offer. But ultimate is will prove essential to Amazon, if they want to compete Apple and Google, they really need to nail the device side of things or else abandon it and partner up with someone who can.