Dirk Knemeyer

The Game Design Roundtable #150: Travel Catch-up and Listener Mail

Dirk, David, and Rob are here on the momentous 150th episode of the Game Design Roundtable to talk about their recent travels. David is traveling the globe to support his game studio and Rob returns from the prestigious Spiel des Jahres awards in Germany. They also tackle some more of your insightful questions.

Contact Info
Dirk Knemeyer – @DKnemeyer, www.artana.com, Dirk@Knemeyer.com
David Heron – @DavidVHeron
Rob Daviau – @RobDaviau, rob.daviau@ironwallgames.com

Episode Outline

  • 0:00:58 – Star Trek Conventions
  • 0:09:02 – Spiel des Jahres
  • 0:20:49 – Prototype Cards and nanDECK
  • 0:23:16 – Bidding mechanics
  • 0:32:01 – Abstract games
  • 0:40:50 – Well-written rules
  • 0:49:13 – Designer credits
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