Dirk Knemeyer

To 2013!

The highlights that I will remember:

* Brandon graduated from high school, started university, and announced he would be a father (and, me, a grandfather)

* Alexander and I explored universities for him to consider

* Soren took his first steps

* Elena was on the ballet and violin stages, while learning to ice skate

* I made my first new social friend in…many, many years

* I figured out that sales isn’t for me and am trying to close in on what IS for me

* Two more of my games, The New Science and Tomorrow, were published

And while not memorable to the year my wife took wonderful care of me, I admire and appreciate my business partners and employees, each day I enjoy my whole family more and more, have lovely friends, and am just generally blessed with many things.

Here’s hoping 2014 bring more financial prosperity while keeping you all safe and happy. Much love to you all.

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