Dirk Knemeyer

The challenge of personality

Originally published on the Facio blog

While it seems obvious there should be a service like Facio to make it easy to explore yourself and others better, there is a long history of stigmatization around aspects crucial to self-understanding. The field of psychology has long gotten little respect compared to other so-called “hard” sciences. The fathers of the field, people like Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, and in the former’s case used as a punchline and in the latter’s case not recognized far outside of his specific field. More, the whole idea of “self-exploration” and particularly mitigated activities like seeing a therapist, were taboo. As recently as 1980 the at the time groundbreaking movie “Ordinary People” was seen as risk-taking and courageous for introducing therapy as an acceptable, and not shameful, part of the cultural consciousness. Even more insidiously, generations of men being taught that feelings are weak, embarrassing or effeminate amplified destructive and disconnected behaviours which made exploring much less expressing those things tantamount to failure.

Today things are much better, but vestiges of the old mindsets remain. That is why, as we begin our journey of exploration with Facio, it feels pioneering. While on one hand this is exciting, on the other it is a little unsettling: that we can collectively solve the greatest mysteries of science but still aren’t accustomed to delving into the wonders of ourselves is counter-intuitive. Hopefully we are able to, more than being of value to the people who enjoy us, help the cultural dialog shift to one of awareness and alignment.

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