Dirk Knemeyer

Research In Motion’s chair-sharing

I’ve criticized Research In Motion, the maker of Blackberry devices before, but they have absolutely topped themselves now. As you may remember from previous episodes, RIM has two CEOs. They are co-CEOs of the company. They are also both chairman

The US debut of Spotify

The big news last week was the US debut of Spotify, the Swedish music streaming site already popular overseas, became available in the United States to great hue and cry. It certainly is an interesting service—Sean Parker first told me

Microsoft Store

On the other end of the spectrum, Microsoft announced plans to open at least 75 new retail stores over the next three years. Now, to be fair, I was very skeptical of Apple’s plans for retail stores ten years ago,

Amazon’s tablet device

Amazon’s plan to release a color-screened Android tablet this October finally went mainstream. Amazon remains the clear leader in eBooks and eBook readers despite the excitement over Barnes & Noble’s Nook and its potential, first as a hacked Android tablet