Dirk Knemeyer

The Mobile OS wars

The unknown, the big question is, what will the market look like in five or ten years? Will Apple again be relegated to a bit player while this time it is Google standing over this industry? It is likely that

Celebrity apps

Twitter is in the news again this week as their acquisition of TweetDeck became finalized. At the same time Ubermedia, the company that was competing with Twitter to buy TweetDeck, rolled out a new Twitter app called A+. While on

Hacking and online security

The news keeps getting worse for Sony as last week they revealed still another data breach, this time with their Sony Online Entertainment division. This has gone from a story about cloud computing and online security to, in my mind,

The growth of eCommerce

Yesterday flash sales group Gilt Group closed a 138 million dollar funding round led by Japanese-based SoftBank Group. This brings Gilt’s total investment raised in the last three-and-a-half years up to 240 million dollars. Once upon a time online commerce

Scalable interfaces

As scripting technologies and frameworks have gotten more sophisticated, of course, even using HTML5 or CSS3, tools like that, you’re able to interfaces that shift, that scale from the desktop to the mobile, and back and forth. So, maybe where

Multiscreen computing

Last week lost in the midst of their PR meltdown relating to hacked user data on the Playstation network, Sony introduced two Android-based tablets codenamed S1 and S2. These entries offer innovative form factors, with the S1 having a wedge-shaped