Dirk Knemeyer

Apple, China, and internet privacy

The big story last week is that Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices have been tracking and storing the movements of their users since the release of Apple’s iOS 4 operating system last year. Within days it was devices based on

Nintendo Wii U

The rumor mill was really churning last week about Nintendo’s plan to announce a next-generation console to debut in late 2012. This is interesting as Nintendo is in danger of sliding into irrelevance in the console wars. While the Nintendo

Super-stores and pop-up shops

Responding to macro trends in their specific business indicators, Best Buy is shifting their strategy away from towards smaller mobile-centric footprints. Many of us are buying more and more things online, a reality that continues to buffet brick-and-mortar retailers like

The rise of Salesforce

Last week Salesforce purchased social media monitoring company Radian 6 for 326 million dollars. The growth and evolution of Salesforce reminds me of a much younger Oracle, a company that clearly has momentum and breadth, but has garbage products that