Dirk Knemeyer

On Netflix’s foray into original content

Last Netflix announced they have greenlit two seasons of a new Kevin Spacey-David Fincher show, “House of Cards”. Based on a British series of the same name, reportedly is funded over 100 million dollars in the deal. This is significant

The decline of the newspaper industry

The newspaper industry continues to bemoan their fate, most recently with Bob Woodward claiming that Eric Schmidt killed newspapers. This is in the wake of reports that newspaper ad revenue is at a 25 year low. My question is “why

The 2011 Japanese earthquake and social media

The big story this week is the tragedy in Japan. As of this writing the death toll is at over 10,000, but clearly the number will be far higher. The tragedy of a terrible earthquake and tsunami being followed by

Microsoft and gaming

Microsoft’s Kinect is the fastest-selling electronic device ever according to the Guinness Book of World Records. This is on the strength of selling more than ten million units since November. That is over 1.5 billion dollars in gross sales, an

The decline of Groupon and LivingSocial

Reports are intensifying that Facebook is working with local businesses on a direct competitor to local deal sites such as LivingSocial and Groupon. We’ve seen this coming for some time. But the degree of focus and investment Facebook appears to

Apple’s entry into cloud storage

In one final bit of Apple-related news, rumors are circulating that they are preparing to make their mobile cloud storage and backup service free in the months ahead. This may be corresponding with a move of content purchase from iTunes

Thunderbolt transfer technology

Intel announced a new connection transfer technology last week intended to replace USB, Firewire, HBDI, and other existing protocols. Codenamed Thunderbolt, it will reduce the transfer time for large files from what can currently be hours to mere minutes. While

On Disney’s decline

Last week Disney purchased Togetherville, a social network for kids that focuses on privacy and safety. Disney has been known to invest in Silicon Valley startups so this should be no surprise. The real question, could Disney ever be A

The limitations of cloud computing

In another reminder that cloud computing comes with a very big asterisk, about a 125,000 Gmail users had trouble accessing their accounts this weekend, with some accounts even having lost user emails. Google is promising a quick fix thanks to