Dirk Knemeyer

The future of online privacy

Google and Mozilla, the makers of Chrome and Firefox respectively, announced this week they are adding the ability to block tracking for users of their browsers. Now, Microsoft has previously made this privacy feature available , then removed it due

On the Comcast-NBC merger

The Comcast-NBC merger was approved last week. While Comcast was forced to give up control of Hulu, and while Comcast has to give fair access to video providers like Netflix, the consensus from analysts, including yours truly, is that this

The Social Network & the movie industry

The wait if to to see if The Social Network can win the big one, the Oscar. I’m thinking that they won’t. The Academy is notoriously populated with older, more conservative industry denizens and is often a year or three

On the death of Steve Jobs

The big news is that Steve Jobs is taking a medical leave of absence from Apple effective today. Apple is a juggernaut with seemingly no clear path to falling from power, but the death or debilitation of Steve Jobs would

On Zynga’s purchase of Flock

Facebook gaming giant Zynga purchased Flock recently. Once a web 2.0 darling, Flock crashed into obscurity once it was clear that it could not keep up with the bigger browser provides once those competitors began catching up to the new

On Motorola’s Atrix 4G

But there was even more from Motorola in the form of an Atrix 4G. Interesting because it is a smartphone designed to docked into and provide the computing power for a laptop. The promise of the Atria 4G is that

On Facebook’s future

Facebook is the first company to federate seemingly everybody onto the same website where many of us are remaining actively and engaged with the people of our lives. More than that, Facebook has managed to monetize users to an impressive