Dirk Knemeyer

On bookmarks and newsfeeds

While I suspect del.icio.us will be saved by Yahoo proper or some spinoff or appropriation, the fact that Yahoo has deemed this property deserving of euthanasia reflects the changes the web has undergone since del.ici.us has debuted in 2003. We’re

Mind-to-computer control

Ok so now that we’ve previewed what listeners can expect next, well, let’s get a little crazy and make some predictions for the farther future. Now let’s have each of us make one prediction, something people won’t necessarily expect, but

Google’s Google TV

Streaming internet through the TV goes mainstream [in 2011], but Google TV is going to be an also-ran. So the convergence of the internet and the television, it’s clearly coming. More and more we’re watching television programs on our computers,

The future of cable companies

Ok so number two is cable companies on the rise and, you know, this is one that people maybe aren’t seeing coming quite as much as the other things we had mentioned where the trends are already there but they

On the proliferation of app stores

Last week Apple announced the January launch of their Mac app store. Everybody and their brother’s slow uncle is opening and app store at this point so we won’t be typically reporting on this kind of thing. But it is

AOL’s acquisition of About.me

Four day old startup, about.me a custom profile and personal analytics dashboard, was purchased by AOL yesterday. Yes, you heard that right, four day old. While in truth the startup was much ballyhooed for some time, the site was only

Google’s Nexus S

The smartphone wars heated up again Monday as Google announced its second Google branded smartphone, the Nexus S. Early returns were very positive, with the Nexus S leaping past other current Android devices to be the standard-bearer for that particular

Google’s Chromebook

Yesterday Google announced that netbooks with the Chrome operating system will be shipping soon. We anticipated this trend and are only modestly surprised that Google is moving on this so quickly. More than providing computers that use a web browser

On Google’s “Do no evil” motto

Speaking of the Mountainview behemoth, analysts are taking note of Google’s increasingly tenuous position of attempting to “objectively” serve up search results while being a content producer of its own. With Google Editions, their online bookselling service now live in

Facebook’s future

The killer app of Facebook, so to speak, is that everybody’s there. Most of us are network with literally everybody we know. That’s an immensely powerful thing, it’s something that’s never been achieved in the history of the internet previously,