Dirk Knemeyer

Success of iPad

Tomorrow is the expected announcement of the new Apple “tablet” computer. Predictions for this device are all over the map, ranging from a “true” tablet computer, down to an oversized iPhone, and everything in between. I don’t have any inside

On Facebook games

That, in a nutshell, is everything that is wrong about these games. Rather than thoughtfully identifying the ways in which they can make the game truly joyous – which may, in turn, make the investments in gold and real money

The Quora hype machine

Quora, the 19 month old question and answer site hit the bad of the hockey-stick the last few months and is taking off into the stratosphere. The most recent celebration is a multipart series of gushing articles written at industry

Instagram’s user interface

While we’re on the topic of hot properties, most of you have seen pictures posted by somebody on “Instagram”, the so-called “Twitter for pictures”. This is another hockey stick-dwelling property, but, I for one don’t buy it. Their brand is

Microsoft’s decline and Google’s rise

Depending on which gushing analyst you listen to, Google’s release last week of the Nexus One “superphone” is going to change the computing industry. Some are pointing to the phone itself and the fact that Google is now officially a

Hewlett Packard’s tablet device

Last week Hewlett-Packard announced a San Franciso based web OS event for February 9th. Speculation has them unveiling their much-ballyhooed tablet device as the event. I have to say these “events” held by tech companies to debut new feel trite