Dirk Knemeyer

Patterns and dreams

Lately my dreams have been unusually sharp and – at least the ones I can remember – consistently involve the same two elements:

1. Poker. As my friends know, poker has been one of my preferred leisure activities over the last four or five years. Recently, I haven’t been playing much as I ran through a rough patch and burnt through my assigned bankroll. But, in my dreams, I always seem to be playing in poker tournaments (which is unusual, because I am almost exclusively a cash game player). The dreams are less about the mechanics of playing hands and more about situations; for example, in one dream I was one of the big leaders in a tournament when it ended for the day. The next day, before the action started, I met a new friend and was hanging out with them. When I finally got to the table, almost all of my chips had been “blinded off” and I panickedly tried to make something happen and fight my way back – unsuccessfully. This is just one example, with no particular thread or theme between them. But in each case they are dealing with situations that are unusual or not even possible in the ways and context that I typically play poker.

2. The house I grew up in. My dreaming self spends a lot of time in our old home, lately. And again, the contexts are very different from reality. Last night my dream involved bathing in the walk-in closet in the guest bedroom (?), and the dream also featured actress Mary McDonnell. I must also be channeling Battlestar Galactica for some reason!

I’m not coalescing any particular deeper meaning or significance from these things but wanted to write them down, for my own institutional memory as much as for sharing.

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