Dirk Knemeyer

Living in harmony with machines

Today I had to send a fax to a friend, but the fax machine and I just couldn’t get along. The first couple of tries the number rang busy, then it rang thru but wouldn’t successfully send (neither of these the fax machine’s fault, by the way). But I was losing time trying to figure this out and beginning to get irritated. So unfortunately the fax machine chose this moment to start getting jammed. Every. Single. Time. I. Tried. To. Send. This. Bloody. Fax. My irritation is pretty obvious, yes? Even moreso for the fax machine! Impatience turned into cursing; cursing turned into actually hitting the machine. Yes, I was the one who looked ridiculous. No, it wasn’t making any difference (other than unintentionally prompting a co-worker to see what was going on and help me figure out what the problem was: hurrah for working with people who are smarter than me!)

I’ve never had tolerance when machines fail to complete the tasks I want. It’s a failing, and one that often keeps me in some degree of disharmony. Even as I’ve matured and curbed much of the broader angst from my youth there are still the periodic edges of green that manifest in largely benign (if counter-productive) ways. But I think an important battle will be won at the point I can exist in harmony with even the least compliant of machines that I’m relying on to help me.

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